A Brief Summary Of Hypnosis For Weight Loss

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Obesity is a raging health concerns in most developed countries. Statistically speaking, in the US, more people die from cardiac arrest and other coronary diseases compared to all terrorist attacks put together. The irony in this obesity dilemma is that the very genes responsible for obesity were once in charge of survival of the human species.

Based on evolutionary biologists, in the jungle days, when man was a hunter gatherer, food was scarce and the ability to store excess food as body fat was essential for survival. This along with other beneficial traits were transferred through the generations and therefore we have fattening genes.

The rational question that arises at this juncture is – if it’s possible to switch off these genes. In a word, yes. It is possible to control obesity by controlling the trigger mechanism responsible for activating fat synthesis and storage. Hypnotic techniques can be used to control obesity by controlling the body’s metabolism. The efficacy of Hypnosis for weight loss is a hotly debated subject. Some say its virtues while others call it a scam. Nevertheless, what the majority of medical and cognitive experts do agree on is the fact that the mind can influence the body. This is known as the psychosomatic link.

Programs that are primarily based on hypnosis for weight loss claim to work by exploiting the mind body connection. A rough outline of the process consists of programming the subconscious mind either by belief or through hypnosis, which in turn signals the body to bring about the required changes. Exactly how the mind influences the body is still being investigated, but hormonal signaling is believed to be involved. The process appears to be just like the one accountable for the placebo effect.

Techniques which involve hypnosis for weight loss use NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP). NLP is used to condition or program the subconscious mind to sign your body to stop fat synthesis and instead make use of existing fat reserves. Hypnosis based weight loss programs usually include hypnotic audio CDs to help you program your mind. They also claim that they can lower appetite and increase basic metabolic rate.


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