Just In Case You Haven’t Heard Of The P90X Fitness Program

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If you plan to follow a certain fitness plan, you should first try to learn what the program is and what it can do for you. This makes sense since there are many programs out there, offering to help you get ripped and have the best shape you ever intend to have. But this is where this article will take you, an understanding of what the p90x fitness plan. This program has been developed by Tony Horton, a fitness guru, together with Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler. Their work has resulted in a 90-day program that consists of 12 different workouts and that capitalizes on periodization or the concept of muscle confusion. In this program, there is a constant introduction of new routines that help one avoid boredom and make his muscles confused. And when the muscles get more confused, the body tends to work harder, therefore, greater results are expected.

The workout is designed for those in the intermediate and advanced levels. It includes routines encompassing all phases of exercise from strength training to cardiovascular endurance to flexibility. Each of the 12 workouts incorporated in this program focuses on a specific technique or a specific set of muscle groups. Included here are: chest and back workouts, plyometrics, shoulder and arms workout, Yoga X, legs and back workout, Kenpo X, X stretch, Core synergistics, chest, shoulders and triceps exercises, back and biceps exercises, Cardio X and Ab Ripper X. Apart from this variety of exercises, the p90x workout) program also features a nutrition guide. This is seen as a crucial component since the diet provides the fuel necessary for a person to perform the exercises. The nutrition diet plan consists of three phases namely, the fat shredder, energy booster and endurance maximizer. The nutritional guidebook makes sure that when it is used properly, the body will acquire what it needs to become fit, lose weight and be at their optimum level of performance always.

There are a lot more things that you probably want to learn about Tony Horton’s fitness program. And you owe it to yourself to do your homework so that you will know whether this program suits you. If you are up for more information, then have the liberty to explore extremefitnessplans.com, a site dedicated to aid you and the millions of people wanting to achieve their fitness goals. If you really desire to have a chiseled body, develop more muscles and eliminate unwanted fats that hinder you from being at your best, then you should try p90x but do ensure you are geared up for the challenge.

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