Jogging Program – A New Method To Counter Depression

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Do you believe jogging exercise could help in preventing an individual’s depression? Quite a few Physical Fitness and Obesity Treatment Consultants say so. Depressed patients who have undergone regular exercise had a better result compared to other patients who just relied on the traditional psychological medications. Patients who had done their regular exercise were found to have gained more self confidence, more happiness and a feeling of accomplishment.

There was a practical experiment conducted to some depressed patients. Fifty percent from the patients had the measurement of muscle strainexperiment while the remaining fifty percent did a physical exercise.The result showed that physical exercise gave the persons more relaxed.

In asimilar experiment, it was proven that regular walking improves memory and good judgment of the older persons. Other forms of exercise that were adopted include stretching of muscles, weight lifting and aerobic exercise. The other methods of exercise that can be adopted are stretching of muscles, weight lifting and aerobic exercise.

What could be the medical explanation to this encouraging result? The doctors explained that exercise increases blood flow to the brain which provides more oxygen. By doing exercise it also reduces brain salt ratios which improves the mood of the patient. This theory is based on the accepted idea that physical exercises produce sweating and over urination that result into the reduction of salt content in the blood. One of the chemical compound produce in the brain while doing exercise is the Endorphin. This chemical improves the psychological condition of the patient and makes him more optimistic.

Although it is proven that jogging exercise helps a depressed person, it is recommended also that they should consult first to their medical doctors if they are fit to do so. At any time that a person feels pain in the chest or dizziness while doing exercise , he/she should stop and consult a physician immediately . It is advised that a person should wear a suitable sport shoes and comfortable jogging clothes.

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