LI SHOU Magic Slimming Capsules

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  • Lishou slimming capsule helps to loose up to 20-30 Lbs in just 1 month
  • Appetite suppressant effects working immediately within the same day
  • Burn calories and fat cells faster

Product Description
Lishou is the solution:

Lishou is one of the best sellers as compared to other natural weight loss supplements. You will feel the appetite suppressant effects working immediately within the same day. As a well known fact, the appetite is not the only reason why you can’t lose weight. More importantly, your metabolic rate is low, which means that you don’t burn calories you consume every day and in time it causes an accumulation of fat. To burn fat cells stored in b… More >>

LI SHOU Magic Slimming Capsules


5 Responses to “LI SHOU Magic Slimming Capsules”
  1. S. solis says:

    This product didn’t really work for me.I was lookin for something to stop cravings,I really didn’t find it in this product.Maybe it worked for someone else but not me.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  2. I didn’t feel the need to snack I also didn’t gain weight nor did I loose I recieved real fast in the mail a few pills where broken
    Rating: 2 / 5

  3. Shaz says:

    I purchased one box of Lishou and 2 boxes of Pai. I switched after one week of using Lishou to the Pai because outside of some appetite suppression, it didn’t work at all. I lost nothing after a week (+ exercise) and noticed the appetite suppressant wearing off. I haven’t used the rest of the box. I won’t be ordering another box and will use them after I do finally find something to help me lose this extra weight.

    If you read my reviews, you’ll see that I was originally 246lbs and started yoga and eating better. I had dropped to 180 and could not get passed that. I tried Lida Daidai and dropped to 160 and eventually 152. I recently got laid off, put on lbs because I have not been as active without the job and went up to 175. Lishou didn’t drop a pound off of me. The other one dropped me to 170 but took off a few inches allowing me to get back in my jeans. Lishou did not work for me at all. Not a pound or inch was lost. Maybe it is the lack of working; I don’t want to just blame the pill. I like honesty at all times. So, maybe it is a good product if you are more active.

    Anyway, I am researching for a BETTER pill to take in conjunction with my exercise and change in eating habits, that will work even though I am not as active as when I was working. In this way, when I DO go back to work, I’ll know it will work even better. I wouldn’t recommend Lishou unless to wanted to kill our appetite at a party or on a cruise. Especially since my appetite started to come back after a week.

    Lida had INSTANT and dramatic effects. I wish that the FDA didn’t take it off of the market. They take away things that work and leave us with these crappy OTC (over the counter) things that don’t! I am grateful to Amazon for recognizing that it’s customers have the right to choose products of their own desire. Amazon is a trusted site and would not sell harmful products. Too bad the FDA can’t get on board and allow us to get these excellent weight loss pills OTC. Until then, THANKS AMAZON!!!

    I wish that these pills could have helped me drop the 15-20 that I was hoping for. But after about 6 weeks, they didn’t. Pai was better than Lishou, but I still want something that worked as well as Lida. Anyone know anything that does? Please email me and let me know. Thanks!

    – Shaz
    Rating: 2 / 5

  4. kiki says:

    I don’t normally leave reviews, but I have been taking these for the last four days and have felt very strange. Cloudy in the head, hungry but not, anxious but tired. Feel like I need to eat but nothing sounds good. I know these are suppose to curb appetite, but I can’t really eat at all. My body aches from being hungry, but my appetite is not there. Upon further research on “chinese diet pills” there has been much controversy. So please just be careful. And it seems that the jury is still out on how safe bitter orange is, which tends to be the replacement for ephedra which has been banned as far as I know at least in the U.S. I have no complaints about the seller and the product is doing what it says. I have no appetite, I also have not lost any weight in four days, but I am trying to only lose ten pounds. Just not the product for me.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  5. Karen Petty says:

    I took this product and ran 4 times a week and did not lose weight. It did give me energy and curbed my appetite but that was it.
    Rating: 2 / 5