Green Lean Body Capsule – 30ct

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  • Effective, fast acting appetite suppressant
  • Have the efficiency of weight reduction and facial beautification
  • Contains fruits extract that help the human body to consume the internal fats
  • One time a day and one capsule each time before or after breakfast

Product Description
Green Lean Body Capsule is an effective, fast acting appetite supressant. The product is also sometimes called “Weight Reduction Fruit”. Only 1 pill is needed for 24 hours!… More >>

Green Lean Body Capsule – 30ct


5 Responses to “Green Lean Body Capsule – 30ct”
  1. R. marcos says:

    I first purchased the green lean body capsules from a friend but found out they were available here on amazon and were cheaper. when i received them, the foil packaging were not the same at all. and i found that these made me jittery, heart beat fast..i don’t like it..
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. I Have tried them all these pills work the fastest out of them all. A friend let me have 1 pill the dry mouth is a bit annoying,try Orbit hydrating gum it really helped, i didn’t eat all day because i just forgot. Later i did it 2 days in a row, i made myself eat some fruit and veggies. I had know problems with jitters or sweating like i have had with Slimquick and Xenedrine it didn’t have me chained to the toilet like Alli did. People have to remember that everyones body is made up differently what may work for you may not work for me.It gave me the motivation to get my lazy behind up and get moving. They are still to new for me to trust that all natural ingredients will attack body fat so agressively there is something else in those pills.The people that i know have lost so much weight with little or no effort.I am more into being healthy which means you have to exercise and make your body strong for the long run i can’t be a slave to a pill for the rest of my life.Its been 2months and i’m down 17lb. thats to jumpingrope,kickboxing,and playing the Wii fit with my teenagers.In short find what works for you and if you need a little help try the pills if your in good health and don’t abuse them a good workout will only help it can’t hurt well maybe a bit[[ASIN:B002A29YHG Green Lean Body Capsule -30ct

    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. D. Brown says:

    I realize that different products work for different people. I’ve tried the expensive diet pills and over the counter diet pills and I just seem to wait to see if they will work, and usually they end up not working. This product works the best for me. Immediately, I saw a significant difference in when I ate, the amount I ate, and the food I ate. I have been seeing weight loss of about a pound a week, and that’s without excersizing. I would assume that someone who has more weight to loose than I do will probably see more weight drop off than just one pound a week. Another reason I really like this product is you only have to take one pill a day. Other diet pills can have you taking 3 pills a day so you are buying more bottles. This product really does work all day long. At the beginning of taking it you will see sleep loss for the first several days, but that will go away. This product is totally worth taking, and the price is excellent! You will not be disappointed if you take this product.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. I first heard about this capsule and read the reviews on here I was excited…thought it was something that would help me lose the 10-15 pounds I’d gained. I posted several comments to those experiencing success in hopes that they would share their inside tip on how they had lost the weight so fast. After multiple reviews, I went ahead and purchased the item. I initially ordered this item off Ebay because it was cheaper there…on my third day I start experiencing some insane symptoms (dizziness, headaches-mostly at night when the product wore off, and the one that really made me stop taking this was the weird throbbing feeling on the posterior/lateral part of my head). I am one of those people who get sensory overload really easy…the feeling is like when you get really anxious or overwhelmed and you feel like you need a quiet place to hide or your head is too heavy and you need to drop it to get some relax…bad tension. In addition I was starving ALL TIME. I contacted the seller who was great and ask me to send it back for a refund, so I did. I then thought that perhaps it wasn’t the real thing so I would find out from those experiencing success on here who they were buying from so I could make sure I was getting the real deal. I did and received my order…2nd attempt failed. I took it for approx 3 weeks eating a low caloric diet and exercising. I would take it right when I woke up because I worked out in the morning and wanted to increase my caloric burn….and it worked for this..because my heart rate shot up during my workout and I could be walking at like a 3.5mph and I would be experiencing a 75-80% heart rate. The first week or so it seemed to be working…I wasn’t hungry and I had to force myself to eat…the following week it didn’t seem to be working at all…I would take and workout….I WAS starving all the time….oh and this is the best part….I WASN’T LOSING ANY WEIGHT…in fact I was gaining weight; very discouraging. The day before I stopped my symptoms was the worse. I had this AWFUL headache that lasted the entire day…and I felt like I was on too much caffeine; I felt VERY High. Meanwhile I was researching online as to how to diet properly so I could lose weight the right way….the next day I woke up and didn’t take it. It wasn’t worth it. At the same time i found information through my research on how to lose weight properly and it’s been working for me…Now before I work out I drink some green tea to provide similar effects that the capsule did for my workout and it works just fine. I know that there are people that benefit from this so I’m not bashing it…however I also learned from the second seller I got this from that the pills work for 75% of those who take it…and since I didn’t have much to lose it made it hard I think to actually lose…I don’t know. Anyways so there you have it. I will see if Amazon has a discussion board on weight loss and I’ll post more info on what I’ve been doing thus far to get in shape for my 1/2 marathon in June and lose the weight. Anyone interested, post a comment to this review OR search the discussions forums on AMAZON and I’m happy to share my info.
    Rating: 1 / 5

    Rating: 5 / 5