Your Personal Herb Garden Provides Quite A Few Rewards

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Growing your own herbs is not difficult to do and can be very rewarding as many herbs can be added to culinary dishes to enhance the flavor of our food. There is only the necessity for small patches of garden or simple planting containers to grow a variety of herbs and most of what you need to get started can be found at your local garden center or nursery. Why don’t we look at some of the primary advantages of growing herbs and the many uses for them.

Probably the most well-known use of herbs is in cooking, primarily to add flavor but sometimes also color. They truly can be added to all sorts of food and this can include salads and soups. Meat dishes usually require the addition of herbs to bring out the flavor and what better than using herbs straight from the garden. Quality recipes can be adjusted to bring new culinary satisfaction to meals that were becoming a little mundane and everyday.

Herbs can also be used for medicinal purposes and there’s a long history of herbal remedies that can be used to help with assorted ailments or conditions.  You will uncover a wide range of remedies based around herbs if you ever conduct some research. These herbs are put to use either fresh or dehydrated and can be taken internally, such as in drinking teas or tinctures or used externally by being put in to poultices and creams that can be applied to affected areas. A strong upset tummy is usually remedied with peppermint tea, whereas camomile is well known as the perfect bedtime relaxant and for soothing irritable skin conditions.

Pick or slice your surplus herbs, which usually stimulates further growth, and then dry them for keeping. Utilize them as you did the fresh variation, in teas and as a culinary flavorant. Creating potpourri is one more use for dried herbs and flowers while another is purely to provide a decorative touch. The main benefit of this is the pleasing aromatic scent of the dried herbs. A bunch of dried lavender tied up with twine and installed from a kitchen ceiling offers an attractive countryside feel and provides the lovely lavender color and scent.

It is rather simple to grow your own herbs from home, even if you have a small garden or little space. Thankfully herbs may be grown very proficiently in pots; just take a look at mint to prove the point. It grows and spreads very vigorously and can dominate other plants any time given the chance. Cultivating mint in a container will constrict this growth behavior nicely. As with most container gardening you will have to water the pots regularly to prevent them from drying out.

Another benefit of growing herbs at home is usually that it provides an affordable and handy opportunity to expose children to gardening. This kind of participation can be extended to cooking, by letting them to add the herbs they have grown and witness the change in the flavor and aroma of a dish. An effective but intriguing way to get them started is to let them sow and then watch grow some cress in a windowsill planter. Aside from the easiness with which it grows, cress also offers the fun and tasty benefit that it can be cut and added to their food.

Growing your own herbs will certainly reward you in lots of ways so don’t delay getting started.

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