Benefits of Stretching Before Exercise

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It is very important to remember to stretch before you begin any circuit training workout. If done correctly, stretching will help prevent workout related injuries .

Be sure to avoid doing just a quick 30 second workout . It is crucial to stretch your entire body, even if you are only working on one area of your body. Every muscle group needs attention and stretching these out after they’ve experienced a high level of activity will benefit your body in many different ways. Jump on the bandwagon and listen to the doctors who all advise you about the importance of performing your stretches.

Make sure to try and keep your stretching routine the same from day to day . However, you are going to be doing a more intense workout, doing the same with your stretching is encouraged.

In order to prevent cramping, ensure that you maintain hydrated . If you do cramp, be sure to get yourself some water to help with the cramp. Also, stretching at the beginning and end of your workout can help prevent cramps in the future.

When you begin your stretches, be sure to start out slow and gradually intensify the stretch . If you can do these stretches right, it can be its own little workout.

To start your stretching, make sure you stretch all of your major areas such as your core, and your upper and lower body. Try starting with your legs and work from there.

The next step is to start stretching your core muscles like your abdomen, hips, and lower back. These stretches are key if you spend time sitting in an office.

Your upper body is the next area to focus on . Stretch your chest, arms, and neck. Take time after your workout to cool down and stretch again.

Make a point to keep a routine with your circuit training workout as well. If you can remember to stretch before and after your workout, not only will it help prevent injury, but you will feel great as well.

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