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Kettler gives you a number of different elliptical trainers for your all over fitness.  You’ll see that each one of them is tough thanks to a sturdy frame, has casters to make it easier to roll it around, and offers a variety of different settings that you can change easily during your workout. Also, be sure not to miss the Sole E25 Elliptical Trainer.

The Kettler Cross! ME Elliptical Crosstrainer is a compact trainer with a 31 lb flywheel and their standard high resolution, easy-to-read LED computerized display. You will be happy that it will fit in your apartment or your exercise room with ease. Another good model is the Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer.

Kettler Astro Elliptical Cross trainer gives you a 40lb flywheel for changeable resistance levels and yet stays comfortably within a normal affordability range. As with Kettler’s world-renowned German manufacturing and engineering, as well as the usual 3 year warranty, this elliptical trainer will fit many consumer’s requirements. Be sure to check out the Sole E25 & E35 Elliptical Trainer.

The Kettler Alpine Eliptical machine is another of Kettler’s most recent technology machines thanks to dual braking on both the upper and lower for great resistance and workout regimens. This means you can put more pressure on your arm workout and less on your legs or the other way around. German engineering at it’s best, it provides you a large 45lb flywheel for much better workouts. And, again, it comes with Kettler’s full 3 yr warranty on not just the trainer but also on all computerized pieces, including the LED screed that allows quick access to controls during your workout.

The Kettler Mondeo elliptical trainer is an ergonomically designed trainer with a lot of attention to detail and high performance levels. It offers a lot of training programs that let you take intense workouts with a number of displays to let you remain on track. Precision pedals along with a smooth gliding V belt gives you a workout that can’t be surpassed.

Kettler also offers commercial gym trainers in the Kettler Syncross V2 commercial elliptical cross trainer. This machine is a full commercially resilient machine with a wishbone frame design, as well as the legendary durability of Kettler frames. With 116 different resistance levels as well as adjustable pedal length, this trainer can fit in either a home gym setup or a commercial gym situation.

Kettler also offers a lite commercial model in the EXT 7 Elliptical trainer, with an option for a lengthened stride as well as 3″ pedal spacing to fit a variety of customers. Due to its 8 different user programs, it can suit a wide range of individuals who are interested in exercising. This machine will be perfect for a large family or a small professional fitness area.

Kettler has become well-known for creating superior bicycles and workout equipment. German design and precision add a beautiful design to the exterior as well as exemplary craftsmanship to offer consumers some of the best elliptical trainers and bicycles made. Hunt for Kettler Elliptical trainers wherever great workout equipment is sold.

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