Yoga For Weight Loss for Beginners

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Reshape your body and feel great with these easy to follow routines. Now you can burn calories while toning and stretching your entire body. These practices will leave you feeling invigorated, more energetic and de-stressed.

Three Sections Of Routines

Getting Started Routines

As You Progress Routines

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Yoga For Weight Loss for Beginners


5 Responses to “Yoga For Weight Loss for Beginners”
  1. Having done yoga both with videos and in a class, I found this video to be a step above most other yoga videos. It is arranged in three sections, each having multiple workouts. The first section is designed for beginners, with one section teaching a basic set of poses, and two sections with flow-style practices of varying length. That is, the poses flow from one to the next for continuous, slow movement. The pacing is great – slow enough to allow good form in each pose, but fast enough to allow you to move along with the breath, as you breath in and out. However, it is clearly not “remedial,” and includes poses requiring some flexibility, balance, and strength (e.g., downward-facing dog with one leg raised, as well as some balancing poses). If someone lacks flexibility or strength, I’d definitely recommend starting instead with “Essential Yoga for Inflexible People,” which a friend tells me is perfect for beginners. The second section (the one I use the most) is a little more challenging and also has several different flow-style practices that vary in focus (arms, legs, total body) and length. It’s surprising how much your heart gets beating and you really feel your muscles working. They are the ideal every-day workout. The third section is an interesting twist – yoga along with light weights or a resistance band to get even more strength training work. Again, there are several different practices that vary in focus and length. Very clever and fun. The instructions on how to work in each pose are extremely well done. Usually, the biggest downside to learning yoga from a video rather than a well-conducted class is that you can’t get individualized instruction, and so you can learn the poses incorrectly and not get the full benefit of the practice. However, the instruction is so well-done that I found this video to instead help me refine and improve my use of the various poses. Finally, the filming is simply beautiful, with a gorgeous ocean landscape. This is quickly becoming my favorite yoga video!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Jason Feder says:

    I have not done a lot of yoga before, but now I’m hooked.

    This DVD is fantastic. It has two levels of workouts (and each level has a few workouts) – one level is for beginners and one has some more challenging poses once you are comfortable with the first level.

    There is also a third section (again with a few workouts) that incorporates weights and/or a resistance band into the workout.

    Not only have I lost some weight and am closer to touching my toes easily, but I have really toned up from this DVD. I would have called this DVD, “Yoga for Getting in Shape” Highly recommended.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Heather says:

    What I love most about this video is that it’s a bunch of videos in one. Depending on the time you have in a given day, you can always fit in one of the workouts – so no more excuses! The instruction is crystal clear and the setting is beautiful. I was skeptical about doing yoga with weights at first, but it works. And this video really teaches you, so you can eventually do the workouts on your own.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. LCW says:

    I guess I’m in the minority but I do not like this DVD at all. I’ve done several of the workouts and viewed all of them. All of the workouts are basically just Sun Salutations and standing poses rearranged to fit different time frames. Some workouts have weights and bands added to them.

    The main thing that bugs me about this DVD is the sterile technicality of it. It was very, “Do this, then do that, now do this…” etc. There was no emphasis on breath, no time for centering yourself for a minute or so before your workout. The instructor’s voice was not very relaxing to listen to either. There was very faint hint of music in the background. I like music during my yoga workouts so it was almost a tease to me.

    I’ve done quite a few Yoga DVD’s where I sweat buckets but they still have the relaxing meditative quality, the focus on breath, and they can still be a very demanding workout without being so sterile and technical. I prefer a more meditative Vinyasa Flow style workout, I guess. While this DVD definitely has some very challenging workouts, it lacks the mind-body emphasis that makes Yoga unique. Otherwise why not just do Pilate’s or aerobics?

    It just wasn’t for me but if you prefer a “no nonsense” purely physical approach to Yoga you might like it. I’d still suggest you do some stretching though before you start this DVD as you will be going right into demanding poses like Chaturanga (the yoga push-up) within a minute or so of starting. Also you should be familiar with Yoga’s ujaii (sp?) breathing first as this DVD does not give any information on the very essence of what makes a workout “Yoga”. Otherwise you might as well just be doing any random body postures, twists, or stretches.

    I can’t personally recommend this DVD because of my issues with it but if the above gripes are not important to you you may like this DVD.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  5. I love this DVD and glad I bought it.

    I really enjoy the extra sections using the band for toning, can feel it work and the other levels helped bring along in learning yoga.

    Between the instructor (she is great) the scenary (beautiful) and the actual instruction I would highly recommend this DVD
    Rating: 5 / 5