YOU: On A Diet Revised Edition: The Owner’s Manual for Waist Management

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For the first time in our history, scientists are uncovering astounding medical evidence about dieting — and why so many of us struggle with our weight and the size of our waists. Now researchers are unraveling biological secrets about such things as why you crave chocolate or gorge at buffets or store so much fat.Michael Roizen and Mehmet Oz, America’s most trusted doctor team and authors of the bestselling YOU series, are now translating this cutting-edge informa… More >>

YOU: On A Diet Revised Edition: The Owner’s Manual for Waist Management


5 Responses to “YOU: On A Diet Revised Edition: The Owner’s Manual for Waist Management”
  1. Holly H says:

    I’ve often thought “If I could just lose the amount of weight I have in diet books, I’d be a happy woman.” What makes this one different? 10 chapters of science on the gastro-intestination system and its affects on every part of the body. Sounds boring? It isn’t! The authors rightly wait to give you their diet plan in the middle of this book, because it is the science of metabolism, digestion, heart disease, emotions, and motivation that make this something completely different from all the other diet books I’ve read. The diet itself is simple and can be found on the web […].

    But having a diet and following it for life are two different things. This books gives the motivational background for why I want to consume more whole grains, fruits, and veggies, and walk every day. After six weeks on this plan, I don’t feel the ansy cravings that I have in the past, and I am finding it easy to get through the late afternoon munchies because I never get frantically hungry or stuffed to the gills anymore; I have strategies to deal with stress and uncomfortable emotions. You can download the two-week diet (with shopping list and recipes) off their web site as well as using their on-line walking and strength training exercise videos. You can also sign up for motivational tips via email. However, this book provides the motivation and strategies needed to stay with a life-changing diet for life. Highly recommended.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. I find this book to be written in a way the lay person can make sense of the information, it is also eye opening to find out how much salt and sugar and other unhealthy things are in our every day food, things I had not thought about. I have had it about 3 weeks now, no more bloating and dropped 4 lbs, not hungry at all and no longer sleepy in the afternoon, the cartoons also make it humorous while teaching us the importance of a HEALTHY diet. I am very happy I bought it and would suggest that anyone who is concerned about their weight and all over health to purchase this book.

    Being Hypothyroid losing weight is a problem for me, I am very pleased at losing 4lbs.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. A. Sargent says:

    If you are looking for a book that will give you tasty recipes and a strict exercise routine, don’t buy this! If you are one of those people that always wants to know “WHY” or “HOW SOMETHING WORKS” this book is for you!The authors do such an amazing job at explaining the physiology of the human body. I learned a lot about how the chemicals in your body really DO impact how hungry you are and how full you are; and how the food choices that we make impact THOSE chemicals! The authors were able to write in a lay-mans kind of way and keep it interesting and funny (there’s even comical pictures and diagrahms). This book is not a specific diet plan; it is a tool in taking the first step of changing and maintaining a healthier you! I highly recommend this book.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. I don’t watch Oprah. In fact, I’ve never seen these guys on TV. But I bought this book anyway, hoping for a boost of motivation.

    I didn’t expect much. After 30 years of up and down with my weight, I thought I knew all I needed to know: 3,500 calories is a pound, so just cut calories and increase exercise, depending on will power to get me through. That’s how it had worked before, and I thought I only had my willpower, failures in motivation, etc., to blame for the high cycles on the yo-yo.

    A lot of this book seems like the same-old, same-old. But for me, the advice on how to work WITH your body’s complex metabolism and hormones — taking an elegant approach, not a brute force willpower approach — was a real breakthrough. Just two things: 1) eating a few walnuts before meals and 2) committing to trying not to allow myself to be either hungry or full, made a HUGE difference for me. So I began to take the book more seriously. And one of the points they make is that there ARE such things as good foods and bad foods: it’s not just a question of total calories. I read it cover to cover, and kept a list of things to do and to avoid, and I began working them into my life, slowly but surely. Week by week, I cut out anything with white flour, weaned myself off processed foods, etc. I haven’t counted a calorie, I eat as much as I need to feel full, my daily exercise consists of gentle walking — but I feel better than I have in my life, and, without a struggle, I’ve lost 12 pounds.

    And, every other time I’ve lost this much weight, I’ve felt aware of it: excited, yes, but aware that it will only take a few slips and the scale will be creeping back up, knowing that it is taking discipline to pass up on all the greasy food and sweets that other people are eating, and I miss the foods I’m giving up. But this time, I’m not being disciplined. Once I learned how to work with the ebb and flow of appetite hormones, it’s no longer about being disciplined: I no longer want the junk, and I am rarely hungry.

    This book has had a radical impact on my life. I had to look past the dumb jokes and the goofy drawings, but I’m glad I did: they may not be my style, but the information helped me understand WHY eating a few walnuts before a meal works and WHY eating a few french fries does more damage to my appetite, metabolism, stress, etc., than just a 100 or so calories might imply. Don’t believe people that say it is the same-old, same-old.

    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. Alex K. says:

    Admit it: most of you made a New Year’s Resolution that had something to do with your body. Maybe it was to lose weight, or get in shape, or build muscle, etc, etc. And maybe you have been doing great so far. Go you!

    Unfortunately, though, we’re only 23 days in and most people will toss their lofty hot-body goals out the window in only a few more weeks. And who can blame them? Losing weight and getting fit isn’t easy and most of us probably aren’t doing it right.

    Thankfully, there’s a really helpful book to aid in this giant transition.

    I’m sure everyone reading this has heard of Dr. Oz before. If not, then get out from under that rock! Dr. Oz got his start as Oprah’s go-to health guru and has now graduated to his own daytime medical show. People love Dr. Oz because he’s cute (at least to moms), smart and really breaks down the confusing stuff about our bodies and health in a way we can all understand. He also happens to talk about poop, which is probably what attracted most people in the first place.

    Anyways, my mom is a health-nut, so naturally she owns every single one of Dr. Oz’s books (with the exception of YOU Having a Baby, thank god ) and she raves about them. While home, bored, and tempted to eat another brownie last weekend, I spotted my mom’s copy of YOU on a Diet and decided to see what all the fuss was about. If Dr. Oz could take the entire country by storm perhaps he had something useful to say. And maybe reading a book about health would distract me long enough that I wouldn’t eat an entire tray of brownies.

    YOU on a Diet is written like a toned-down textbook. It’s got all the essentials from physiology, anatomy, nutrition, etc, without all that boring and confusing medical jargon. It’s not dumbed down in any way – just straightforward enough that everyone can understand what’s going on.

    The book is broken down into 4 great sections: What a Waist!, The Biology of Fat, The Science of the Mind and The YOU Diet and Activity Plan. In the first three, you learn about EVERYTHING to do with dieting, from how food travels through your body to the psychological impact of a failed diet. Dr. Oz’s goal is to really teach what’s going on in our bodies so we understand what will work and what won’t work when we finally start section four, the diet. Having this knowledge, according to this book, will allow us to make informed decisions and truly be successful at maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

    This book was incredibly informative and even interesting. It didn’t really feel like I was reading some boring textbook, but I still took so much great information from it. And I have definitely changed the way I approach food and my body.

    If you are having trouble sticking to that Cabbage Soup diet or don’t really trust those shakes the Kardashians are pushing, You on a Diet is a really great read. It will teach you how to not only appreciate your body, but about the processes of eating, exercise and metabolism. In the immortal words of Schoolhouse Rock, “Knowledge is power” and that is certainly the case when it comes to your health!
    Rating: 4 / 5